Why It’s Unique

  • A Secure, Scalable, Interoperable Internet-of-Things Middleware.
  • Easy to use QUI (Query User interface) to query your devices anywhere, anytime to acquire Real time status or status over a period of time.
  • Dynamic Dashboards to define your data directly and there after Monitor your devices with no Programming skills required.
  • Secure Application registration for easy access to your data from devices through AIoTm.
  • Extra Security to your device data in a Shared environment through Topic based Authentication in MQTT message Queue.
  • Devices can push data in their own native data formats with no changes to the existing device firmware or translators of any sort.
  • Intelligence at the Gateway Level.
  • PChartZ Layer, A new Protocol Characterization technique to build a really thin, easy to upgrade device communication layer.
  • AGway, an indigenous Amrita Gateway that will ensure secure communication between AIoTm & connected devices.
  • Easy to use device registration process.
  • EventJ, A new Concurrent programming language for IoT Applications.
  • REST Based Secure APIs to build your own Custom Dashboards.
  • A full blow SDK made available to make your application development effortless.
  • Secure and controlled access on device and data based on user and organization level access control framework.
  • Bridged Pipeline concept to Speed up Protocol communication. It uses a Fixed Socket Pipeline Interface Layer for the communication between Device to Socket and Socket to Socket in a System . It helps to maintain a single communication PIPE from the starts to the end of the services.



    Amrita Center for Cyber Security Systems and Networks
    Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham
    Amritapuri, Kollam
    Amrita Vishwa Vidhyapeetam
    Research Initiative