Low Cost RFID Reader

Unique identification of assets and personals for a secure environment is of huge importance these days. The major defect of a long range RFID reader is its cost. We have overcome this issue by developing a low cost long range ISM band RFID reader in-house. A single RFID reader can read from 4 read points at a time using multiplexing of 4 different antennas. The read range of the reader is programmable to a range between 0.5’ to 78’. The system has low form factor and low cost high gain antennas. RFID read outs are pushed onto AIoTm through a high speed wired System emission can be user controlled according to where it is put to use and hence is a perfect fit to operate in a hospital environment. The RFID system uses its own unique gateway for cloud communication.



    Amrita Center for Cyber Security Systems and Networks
    Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham
    Amritapuri, Kollam
    Amrita Vishwa Vidhyapeetam
    Research Initiative